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Founded in 2005 by Ed Westerman, a realtor with 30 years of experience, the new company was developed to expand into the larger market of the Springfield metro area.  Prior coverage, as an individual broker, had generally been limited to the rural area of Christian County.  The new company took on several agents.

Ed Westerman, the Broker/Owner of Country Lifestyle Realty, L.L.C., started in the insurance and real estate business in 1976, after purchasing an agency in his home town.  As a community minded individual, Ed has been involved in the politics of Clever, Mo. over the past thirty five years as a reserve police officer, a volunteer fire fighter, serving on the city council, the planning and zoning board and the city parks board.

Country Lifestyle Realty, L.L.C. now works in the Springfield MSA that covers Greene, Christian, Stone, Taney, Lawrence, Polk, Dallas, and Webster counties.

Country Lifestyle Realty, L.L.C., initially worked suburban and farm properties.  It has now branched into REO and Short Sales in the last few years.  Commercial sales and development have now become part of the broader venue of the company.

Country Lifestyle Realty, L.L.C. has been instrumental in the development of Wedgewood Industrial Parc, in Clever, Mo. It has been instrumental in the purchase of the grounds for the new Clever R-5 High School. 

At the same time a separate company was formed to deal with rental and property management.  Rental and Investment Management Services, L.L.C., has developed a broad base of properties to manage and works with many relocation companies and agencies.  The main function is to work with individual investors in managing their properties to relieve them from the day to day activity.
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